POLYGON enables plug & play transmission of transaction data in Unity.

MANUS goes one step further


While the core business of MANUS VR was previously concentrated on data gloves with haptic feedback and the corresponding software, MANUS is now expanding its business area to include the POLYGON full body tracking IK system.


In inverse kinematics, geometric parameters are used to calculate the position of the body as a function of the position of a single body part (end effector). This makes it possible to simulate fluid movements of a body using just a few end effectors. The number of tracking points required for full motion capture is reduced to a minimum by the IK. POLYGON requires only 6 tracked end-effector signals to be able to reproduce natural movements in VR or as 3D animation in UNITY: on the head (1x), hands (1x each), feet (1x each) and belly (1x).


POLYGON can be used independently. Only Steam VR compatible trackers, HMDs and/or data gloves are required. POLYGON enables plug & play transmission of motion data in Unity.


  • All Steam VR compatible trackers
  • Quick application of the trackers as only 3 to 6 trackers need to be attached
  • Suitable for multi-user functions in Virtual Reality
  • Simple integration in Unity (Plug & Play)



  • This makes it extremely easy for virtual reality software developers to integrate fully tracked avatars into multi-user experiences
  • Opportunities for science and research: Studying crowds and behaviour virtually
  • Sport: virtual courses
  • Simulation of ergonomic situations in VR
  • Virtual culture in theatre and music
  • ┬áEducation and training
  • Software development: Animation of characters for gaming and film



  • Steam VR compatible trackers-
  • and/or Steam VR compatible head-mounted display-
  • and/or Manus VR Prime One/Haptic


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