Media conception for signal technology, media technology, VR systems and XR visualization
Man controls the machine, or is it the other way round now? Do we act according to patterns that the machines dictate? Intelligently planned, digital media landscapes that are geared towards the individual human being minimize errors, promote decentralized teamwork, increase the perspective on development statuses and optimize the possibility to jointly design ideas and processes over long periods of time.

The foundation for a more interactive, digital collaboration can start on a small scale with software, but can also be designed in its entirety as a holistic working landscape. Just ask us! We advise, plan and implement collaborative teamwork according to your requirements. To do this, we coordinate a wealth of validated media and plan with sound expertise.

Fifteen years of professional expertise, over 400 realised projects – that’s what distinguishes IMSYS. We embody broad expert knowledge for digital collaboration in offices and work environments. Our focus is on consulting, planning and implementation of time-compliant, human-centric collaboration. To do so, we also cross the boundaries of 2D screens and link them with virtual reality and augmented reality worlds. In this way, we bring “Extended Reality”, or “XR” for short, into everyday working life and make cross-media interaction the norm. Our customers benefit from this across departments and locations.

Digitalisation offers opportunities for a new, free form of cooperation, which we make visible in our consulting services. Depending on the case, our experts recommend various evaluated components that a digital working world can consist of: Services, media technologies, extended reality equipment and extended reality software. We then plan, design and implement our projects with the highest standards of reliability and quality.

In recent years, new technologies for virtual collaboration have been pushing onto the market. IMSYS creates orientation and evaluates their potential. Only highly rated products make it into the imsys portfolio through a fine-meshed evaluation grid. After the realisation our customers have the possibility to access services which enable them to exploit the added value of an investment more profoundly.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, Digital Reality, Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, Simulation, Immersiv


Collaboration, Kommunikation, Consulting


  • POLYGON enables plug & play transmission of motion data in Unity.

    POLYGON enables plug & play transmission of motion data in Unity. By the IK (inverse kinematics) the number of tracking points required for full motion capture can be reduced to a minimum....

  • Mixed Reality with industry first Chroma Key

    Today's software update for the XR-1 headset with VARJO: The update makes it extremely easy for XR-1 users to merge virtual content with reality. This is achieved by chroma keying optimization. The term is also known as "green or blue screening" and is currently used in the broadcasting and film industry....

  • INNOVATION MAY is postponed!

    INNOVATIONS from the fields of media technology, signal technology, media control, XR equipment, XR software and content creation fill the three weeks of the INNOVATION MAY at IMSYS....

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