Imsys is the leading provider of advanced visualization solutions.
Wherever things get complicated, our know-how and many years of experience are in demand. Ask us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

We offer Advanced Visualization solutions for the business areas Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Collaboration. In these areas we realize your visualization tasks with the appropriate hardware technology. Our range of services extends from pure projection systems for monoscopic displays to complex 3D projection technology for high-end visualization solutions and virtual reality applications.

Comprehensive services – from planning and consulting through implementation and commissioning to ongoing operation and possible expansion of your solution – round off our range of services. We work together with leading hardware and software manufacturers to offer you a functionally coordinated complete package.

About imsys

We connect people in intelligent, digital work environments. We network your information architecture and enable barrier-free communication and collaboration.

Our team of experts accompanies you from the development of a strategy through the successive introduction of audiovisual media to the support and professional instruction of your team in the sustainable use of digital media.


  • INNOVATION MAY is postponed!

    INNOVATIONS from the fields of media technology, signal technology, media control, XR equipment, XR software and content creation fill the three weeks of the INNOVATION MAY at IMSYS....

  • Mixed Reality with industry first Chroma Key

    Today's software update for the XR-1 headset with VARJO: The update makes it extremely easy for XR-1 users to merge virtual content with reality. This is achieved by chroma keying optimization. The term is also known as "green or blue screening" and is currently used in the broadcasting and film industry....

  • POLYGON enables plug & play transmission of motion data in Unity.

    POLYGON enables plug & play transmission of motion data in Unity. By the IK (inverse kinematics) the number of tracking points required for full motion capture can be reduced to a minimum....

  • New versions of VARJO HMDs!

    New versions of VARJO HMDs are out! VARJO VR Headsets and AR/MR HMDs have the best resolution: VARJO VR-3 Headset and VARJO XR 3 HMD. That's why the VARJO XR 3 and VR 3 are so exklusiv: | XR 3 | VR 3 | new vr glasses | ar-headset | mixed reality hmd...

  • ESI Forum Berlin

    Dear IC.IDO-Users, we would like to invite you!...

  • Workshop invitation: The human factor in globalized digital communication processes

    Exclusive workshop with IMSYS, VDC and WeAre: How business processes can be optimized by means of state-of-the-art VR technology. In this workshop we will focus on the human being as an individual and creative factor within the industrial value chain, which after a phase of automation and mass production is now the focus of attention... ...

  • New controller replaces Flystick! 

    The brand new IMSYS-IC-MOVE controller with its futuristic look opens the door to an even more intense and precise user experience in VR....

  • 20% discount on all tickets for the Augmented World Expo (AWE)

    IMSYS and MANUS VR are live on site with the new PRIME SERIES, for a VR navigation on premium level! You can see exactly what it is here:

  • Better than ever an HMD before!

    The new era of HMDs: The Varjo's Bionic Display™ with four integrated displays ensures precise, detailed perception in virtual reality....

  • ISO 9001:2015

    Our processes comply with international standards and are officially certified! imsys Immersive Systeme GmbH & Co.KG has developed and introduced a quality management system which we continuously maintain and improve. ...

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