Was bringt es, sich in VR zu treffen? Betreffend der HTC Meeting Room Plattform “SYNC”, haben wir bei HTC nachgefragt und die Antwort ist spannend!

“Why should people meet in VR? What is the benefit according to telefon conferences?” Today we had breakfast with HTC and we asked the Vice President Virtual Reality, B2B and Business Development Hervé F. according to the HTC VR-meeting platform “SYNC”


And he made this interesting point, he said: “People in office and homeoffice have ten or more calls or videoconferences a week. And it gets difficult to remember the meetings and their outcome. If you really want to impress or be remembered – present or discuss over a medium that puts you into another world. On the one hand our brain remarks this event as something special and it causes an impression that will be never forgotten. On the other hand, if you organize another surrounding, people will not be distracted by anything else but the content you are showing to them. So they will be more concentrated and probably remember your input much better. If you think further, it will be also appreciated that you made the effort before the meeting to organize the VRmeeting, so your dialogpartner will feel important. And people like to feel important. And by giving the partners the attention and make them feel good with the VRexperience, you will see: They will be very impressed and keep you in mind very positively!”


What do you think about VR-meetings? Have you ever tried? Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us your intensions! mail to hello[at]