Hybrid Event on Sept 22, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. digital.
Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality in comparison – application examples, software and devices.

Presentations and live demos by IMSYS, VDC and CDM-TECH.

What difference does AR or MR make in the use case? What are the advantages of the different XR technologies AR and MR in comparison?

IMSYS, the Virtual Dimension Center VDC and CDM-Tech compare Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality not only by theory, but especially by practice: We would like to invite you to experience and compare Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality live.
  • September 22,15:00 Start Time
  • Mixed Reality – High Tech in Development
  • Augmented Reality with the software SuPAR – Scaled use of AR in industry
  • Live test: Hololense 2, Varjo XR-3, Project EchtZeit with haptic feedback
  • Networking evening (drinks & snacks).


Afterwards, you are welcome to finish the evening with the participants, connect and share.