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Mobile Powerwall Virtual Reality

Mobile Powerwall with minimum space requirement

We want to build on the great success of our VR system in the case for mobile use, our VR2fly, with a solution that brings some significant improvements in terms of image quality and usability. Our customers often reported that the high lower edge of the image disturbed barrier-free interaction and depth perception in the virtual environment. In addition, the resolution and image quality of the entry-level solution are of course subject to certain restrictions.

In the Toppro system, as the name suggests, the projector is mounted above the screen. As a result, the lower edge of the image is only 20 cm above floor level.

The system is ideally suited if high demands are placed on image quality and barrier-free interaction with frequent changes of location.

The area in front of the screen is now free, the base with a projection of about 30cm forms an intuitive orientation for the front boundary of the interaction area.

With a resolution of over 4 million pixels and 5.500 lumens, the projector is in the upper mid-range segment. In the standard version with an image format of 293x183cm, the pixel size is just over one millimeter. This ensures the differentiability of even the smallest details in presentations and technical reviews.

The effort for transport and installation is somewhat higher than with the VR2fly, but the set-up time of approx. 60 minutes is still very manageable.