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The use of VR and AR solutions in industrial processes has enormous potential. In order to integrate the corresponding solutions quickly and successfully into the existing processes in your company, we offer comprehensive services.
We support you from the first consideration of how you can successfully use your VR/AR solution, through installation, integration and maintenance, to trainings and consulting.

Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Operation
  • Support
Analyse, Planung, Simulation, Support, Virtual Reality


The most important element for the economic use of a VR/AR solution is the exact analysis of the desired application and the available possibilities. Based on our many years of experience, we can provide companies with extensive support in this first phase.

We advise independently of application and manufacturer and focus on an economical and meaningful use of the solutions.


The planning phase serves to integrate the determined VR/AR solution as smoothly as possible into your spatial conditions and to establish the necessary processes. This includes in detail room and capacity planning, selection of software solutions and definition of the hardware setup.

We have many years of planning experience and competence to present you a coordinated overall result.
Analyse, Planung, Simulation, Support, Virtual Reality
Analyse, Planung, Simulation, Support, Virtual Reality


After the decision to implement a VR/AR solution and the necessary planning for integration, we ensure a smooth introduction in your company. We attach importance to a professional execution of all work, which is accomplished by our specialists for you.

For us, this implementation phase includes the setup and installation, IT integration, data preparation and process design. Individual checklists and planning documents keep you informed of the current status at all times. A limited number of change requests can still be integrated in this phase, as long as they do not damage the economic efficiency.


The most critical phase in the life of a VR/AR solution is its long-term operation. After all, high capacity utilization and process-oriented use are necessary for a quick return on investment. This includes interested and well-trained employees as well as smooth data processes and extensive documentation and active use by the departments concerned.

We offer you the necessary support in the form of operator models, trainings and maintenance.
Analyse, Planung, Simulation, Support, Virtual Reality
Analyse, Planung, Simulation, Support, Virtual Reality


Even after the successful launch of your VR/AR solution, we won’t leave you alone.

We ensure that you will enjoy your investment for many years and always bring it up to the latest state of the art. You benefit from our immense innovation potential, with which we examine newly developed technologies for their economic efficiency and meaningfulness and develop new solutions and offers for you. The support area primarily comprises the replacement, repair, modernization and extension of the existing system.

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